About Us

Business Profile

Business Name: Dyaryo Bags for Life
Industry: Retail
Founded: 2011
Founder: Luzviminda Madriñan
Country: Philippines
Main Products: bags, crafts and décor items all made of newspapers, plastics, straw and other recycled materials
Type: Sole Proprietorship
Specialties: bags, paper products
Website: https://dyaryobagsforlifebyluz.wordpress.com
Shop Address: 13 Galas Maasim, San Rafael, Bulacan

Founded in 2011 by Luzviminda Madriñan, a small livelihood project in community turned as a local business, Dyaryo Bags for Life has evolved into a unique and eco-friendly gift shop that promotes fashionable bags and crafts made from recycled newspapers. It aims to design products that will uplift the image of locally-made Filipino crafts and the importance of recycling. Dyaryo Bags for Life continued to participate in trade fairs and bazaars in World Trade Center, SM malls and others. Moreover, Luzviminda has also been invited and hired as a trainer for dyaryo bags making seminars in different towns and provinces.

To know more about Dyaryo Bags for Life, browse the following:


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