Our Humble History

Dyaryo Bags for Life by Luzviminda Madriñan

Dyaryo Bags for Life started with a livelihood training in our town. There were 22 participants in the training for dyaryo bags making that started on September 2011, sponsored by Soroptimist International of San Rafael. I got hooked and interested in continuing the production of dyaryo bags until the number of buyers increased. I encouraged the other participants to collaborate with the paglalala ng pabanig and with molding and I dealt with the finishing touches of the products.


We continued to produce bags until one day we were invited in a trade fair by a former training participant. She was an organizer in World Trade Center and joining the trade fair there increased the sales of our bags. With increased demand, I have encouraged more fellow women in our town to learn and make dyaryo bags even if they are just at home.


We began to received more and more invitations for trade fairs in World Trade Center, SM Megamall, SMX Mall of Asia, Social Security System (SSS), Quezon city Circle, Robinsons, Centris, The Fort, Waltermart, Capitol and Hiyas, and so much more. Our products became a lot popular than before and with that, our production and, at the same time, sales, increased and I have helped other women earn a small living.


One day, someone called me on the phone saying that they saw the bags in my Dyaryo Bags for Life Facebook fan page. Apparently, they were a contractor agency and they needed my service to train the barangays in Naga City for a livelihood program sponsored by Ceelin. Me and my 5 other colleagues (trainers) accepted the job and conducted the training for five weeks in August – September 2013. We earned a bit bigger on that job which inspired us more to persevere in this livelihood.


After that, we were invited by our town Mayor to showcase our production of bags to his visitors from DSWD region together with some representatives from World Bank and they were impressed by dyaryo bags. DSWD officers surprisingly visited my shop and offered a deal of lending us an amount of P400,000 for 40 members as capital for our production. Trade fairs and trainings came one by one until I was able to buy various tools for my dyaryo bags shop from my earnings.

Joining and registering in Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) also increased our trade fairs and bazaar invitations, too, because they helped us find prospective clients or event organizers.

With the help of our adviser Mrs. Salome Yu, former Soroptimist Int’l president, we have been successful with this dyaryo bags project together with the support of the current Soroptimist Intl president Dr. Annabl Talusan. They have contributed a lot to our group.


Lately, I was hired as a trainer in Sagip Kalikasan Dulot ay Pangkabuhayan (SKDP) project endorsed by Governor Willy and the training was to be held on all municipalities of Bulacan.


With the help of the capital from the DSWD region, we are able to reach where we are now and we can say that this is a really big change and progress in our lives and we all hope that this will continue to expand so can continue to help more and more people, especially women, single parents and 4PS members, to earn a living. With this job, I am able to support the education of my two children in high school and college level.


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