Frequently Asked QuestionS

You might have some questions about Dyaryo Bag’s durability, design, product specifications and so on. With that in mind, we have listed the answers below for your frequently asked questions.

Is dyaryo bag durable?

Many are in doubt about the durability of dyaryo bags because they are not familiar with how the bags are being made. The bags are woven with tightly rolled newspaper strips (like “banig”) that made the sheets thick (thicker than the ordinary grocery paper bags and shopping bags) and are also coated with laminating glue for water protection.

Is it the same like the common newspaper bags, grocery paperbags and shopping paperbags?

It is not the same. The sheets of Dyaryo Bags for Life are woven; thus, it is much thicker and stronger and cannot be easily tear apart.

In what way is it eco-friendly?

Old newspapers that would be burned or disposed can be recycled into functional item as bags. And papers are biodegradable; thus, posed no harm to the environment.

Are dyaryo bags hand-made?

Yes. All dyaryo bags are hand-made (and home-made) – from rolling the papers, weaving the sheets, forming to its shape, adding buttons, trims, handles and locks, and coating.

Can we order personalized Dyaryo Bags?

Yes. You may request for additional designs (if it is possible) like painted colors, longer handles or straps, additional purses or locks. These requests will be charged separately from the basic price.

We would like to hire you to conduct a skills training, how can we contact you?

You can immediately reach us through our contact numbers: 0932-7274-347 or 0915-3242-571. You can send us a brief email of the details regarding the skills training that you like us to conduct. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page.


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